BK7 Šírer city singlespeed


One road, one gear, one rider. Speed, simplicity and minimal service model. A response to the renaissance of road cycling, complemented by our experience of riding around the city. Wider tires, modern cockpit and seat - and total strict brakes. A bright mix of a classic handmade steel frame from the 90's and the best sovereign components. Made for lovers of retro. And ultimately made for fast fun.

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BK7 Fuji Feather


Fixed gear. The best type of sportbike ever. Maximum strength, balance - and total concentration. Agile, light and fast. Years of riding the streets resulting in an ideal combination of the classic steel frame and the current possibilities of carbon technology. Super mix of components. Built for advanced ultimate riders.

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BK7 TREK 69er


MTB singlespeed. Need to add comfort to your sporty urban biking? Ok – this is the ultimate solution. No terrain limits: cobblestones, dirt, asphalt, gravel. Mullet model – combining the advantages of a short geometry and a smooth ride with a powerful 29' front wheel and carbon fork. Years of riding the streets resulting in a perfect build for clever city riding. From city streets straight to gravel road or suburb forest. Built for advanced riders who want to discover city limits.

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